YAFAHAY?  =  "Y'all ain't from around here, are ya?"  2007
fundraiser for our community
Current votes: 164
Amount matched by The Bell Properties: $164.00
Total money raised for Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation:
To vote:  Stop by Suntrust in Albemarle, and give them one dollar with a note that simply says, "He's from
around here", or mail your vote to:
Suntrust Bank
185 North 1st Street
Albemarle, NC  28801
Include a note that says, "He's from around here", and they'll know what to do with it!
Sponsored by: The Bell Properties
For the benefit of: Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation

Y’all aint from around here, are ya?

My fiancé teases me mercilessly about not being born in the South.  I moved to North Carolina about 9 years ago
from the West, and moved to Stanly County about 7 years ago.  While I must admit, I was hesitant at first, (I’m not
However…  I have been informed that “Y’all aint from around here” unless your Grandparents were born here,
meaning at least your Great Grandparents were residents.

So I tried to determine what it is that makes it so great to be “from around here”.  Is it the accent?  Is it having a
street with your family name showing up on a map? Is it liking grits?  Is it understanding the difference between BBQ
and grillin’?

So I began a quest.  I wanted to determine what it was that made this the wonderful place that it is.  It boils down to
the people, not the geography.  Let me explain.  I live in Stanly County, however, I work in various cities throughout
the Northeast, South, Midwest etc.  Therefore, I get a unique opportunity to compare folks in “The South” to folks in
other areas.  A few things immediately became clear.  Folks here are just plain nice.  If I go to a convenience store
in Chicago, the clerk usually either grunts at me, or simply says “What?”.  If I go to a convenience store in
Albemarle, the clerk usually chats with me.  If I drive on the roads in Washington D.C., I am worried that the other
driver may want to take a shot at me, if I drive in Stanly county, I am worried I may get behind a combine, and have
to drive slower while some gentleman makes his way to his next field.  These are a few examples of how I envision
what it means to be from the South.  Tracie S., Bev K., Lynne H., Sammy H., David B., Marti C., Larry M. Clint M.,
Ernest W. (May God Bless his soul), and Toby F.  Each of these folks have made personal attempts to actually
provide outstanding service or to simply go out of their way to make someone feel welcome.  Wow!  What a
concept.  It’s like the old days, where folks actually were proud of their service or reputation.  That’s what it means
to be “from around here”.  To be proud, to be good, to be decent, to be honest, to care, to take a moment from your
busy life to show someone some kindness, to welcome a stranger.  What a wonderful blessing to be “from around

So I decided that’s what it really is to be from “around here”.  It’s not whether or not your Grandparents were born
here, but it truly is an attitude.    It’s being kind, it’s being decent, it’s caring, it’s taking a moment to say “Hey, How
ya doin’?”, and actually listening to the answer.  
I want to be “from around here”.  I moved here with trepidation, and concern.  I now know that this is where I want to
stay.  I love it here!  

With that being true, I am going to ask the folks from around here to grant me an honorary “from around here”.  I
asked our Albemarle Suntrust to open an account, with all proceeds going to Albemarle Downtown Development
Center.  They graciously agreed.  The goal is to get folks to deposit $1.00 as a vote to say they will grant me an
honorary “from around here”.   I’ll match each and every deposit up to a total of $1000.00, and the proceeds go to
our town, but it has to happen before year-end.  Tracie has agreed that any deposit for this fundraiser does not
need a deposit slip.  Just a simple note that says “He’s from around here” will be sufficient.  Give it to a teller, drop it
in the night deposit, send it by carrier pigeon, she’ll know what to do with it.

If there are 1000 dollars (votes), and my fiancé says “Yea, but you ain’t from around here”, I can say “Yes I am”,
and she has agreed to say “Yes, I guess you are”, and our wonderful town will be all the nicer to boot.

Vote early, vote often!

Chris Bell
The Bell Properties